[Video] Maritime Security in the South China Sea with John McCain

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Senator John McCain (R-AZ) urged Senate action on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea at a two-day conference on maritime security in the South China Sea hosted by Ernie Bower, director of the CSIS Southeast Asia Program.  During his keynote address, Sen. McCain called China’s aggressive territorial claims in the South China Sea troubling.  He warned, however, that the United States should continue working toward better relations with China.

Sen. McCain pointed to the economic and strategic importance of U.S. engagement in Southeast Asia, stressing the need to maintain regional balance, preserve freedom of navigation, and support the rules based international system. He urged President Obama and other U.S. leaders to reject isolationist withdrawal and maintain investments in naval defense. Sen. McCain said the United States should support a stronger ASEAN to help resolve problems in the South China Sea.

BDN (Source:, June 20, 2011)